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        Business Advisors

Is your company really achieving its profit potential?  Are you satisfied with your Owner Compensation?  Allow us to develop a tailored solution specifically for you.  

We help Susquehanna Valley PA businesses "Save Taxes & Increase Profit" with proven strategies. Our experience and focus enables us to recognize its unique dynamics. We have assisted many clients to improve their financial operations, and have built relationships on the basis of being a vital business advisor, dedicated to the financial success of our clients.

We will analyze the numbers and look for ways to strengthen your bottom line by controlling costs and getting the reimbursement that has been earned.  Assuring that billing and receivable functions produce the cash for the work performed and that the Owners, Employees and Vendors are properly paid are two vital areas.

Business Analysis not only looks to improve the current profit, but it helps companies keep their competitive edge thereby winning contracts now and in the future.

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 Our Professional Business Advisory services include:

  • Financial Structure Analysis - is making certain that money for growth is available and that your company is in the position to receive funding and the best available terms. 

  • Accounting System Applications - (ASA) are the "nuts and bolts" of your business.  We provide the highest quality professional service and support possible to help your organization run like a "well-oiled" machine. 

  • Strategic Business Planning looks at the opportunities and challenges facing your company and provides a sound financial road map for long-term success.

  • Owner compensation Planning

  • Cost Control Analysis

  • Accounts Receivable Analysis

  • Accounts Payable Analysis

  • Overhead Analysis

  • Pricing Skills

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Building & Site Analysis:  Funding, Location and Marketing Plans and etc…

  • Budgeting

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